“If Venezuela goes down, we all go down.”

- Roberto Vargas, Nicaraguan poet

No country in the Americas has been more cruelly targeted by the Trump regime than Venezuela, and we have no reason to believe that the Biden administration will be different. Ever increasing unilateral sanctions are biting deeper and deeper, targeting Venezuela’s most vulnerable people: the children, elderly, sick and the poor.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost due to blocked oil sales, seized (stolen) assets including gold reserves, and lost productivity due to sabotaged infrastructure and lack of spare parts. Lack of foreign exchange and blocked trade due to illegal US coercive measures have caused shortages in food and medicine. An authoritative study from the Center for Economic Policy Research estimated that in 2017-2018 over 40,000 people died from lack of medicine and health care directly linked to sanctions. At least that many more have died since. Fuel, food, and medical shortages are causing profound suffering, yet the people stand with their democratically-elected government. They know they’ll be no better off under a US puppet regime.

Alliance for Global Justice has been a leader of the solidarity movement since former President Hugo Chavez launched the Bolivarian Revolution after his 1998 democratic election. AFGJ founded the Venezuela Solidarity Network (2007), the Venezuela Strategy Group (2014), and the Manitos Children’s Fund to buy beans from Nicaraguan farmers to feed Venezuelan children (2019). We participate in the Sanctions Kill! Coalition leadership, which seeks to end illegal sanctions as a tool of foreign policy.

In the face of implacable hostility from our government, rapacious greed for Venezuela’s oil by the corporate oligarchy, and sectarian slanders from segments of the Left, AFGJ has stood strong and firm against US imperialism and in support of Venezuela’s sovereignty and right of self-determination.

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